Gyrolab® CHO-HCP Kit 1

Product number: P0020246

Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1 robustly and consistently measures Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Host Cell Proteins (HCP) impurities with performance characteristics that address many of the limitations of ELISA. Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1 offers a broad analytical range of approximately 2 ng/mL to 8000 ng/mL that reduces the need for dilutions and repeats as well as simplifying spike recovery and dilutional linearity experiments. Automated workflows reduce the number manual operations needed and generate 96 data points in 75 minutes.  Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1 includes an antibody from Cygnus Technologies which covers a broad spectrum of HCPs.

Gyrolab CHO HCP Kit 1

Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1 delivers linearity over a four-log range, compared to only two logs for ELISA.

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Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1

Reagents and consumables for 96 datapoints (1 CD).

Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit 1 CD50

Reagents and consumables for 4800 datapoints (50 CD’s). Made to order

Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit Reagent F, 25 mL

Sample dilution buffer, 25 mL.

Gyrolab CHO-HCP Kit Reagent F (10X100 mL)

Sample Dilution Buffer, 10 X 100 mL.