Gyrolab® Custom Assay Services

Gyrolab Biomolecule Labeling Service

Conjugating biomolecules with biotin or Alexa Fluor® 647 fluorophore is a key step to developing a robust Gyrolab immunoassay. Gyros Protein Technologies will provide a high level of experience to produce a biotin- or Alexa Fluor 647-conjugated biomolecule for use as capture or detection reagent in Gyrolab assays. 


Benefits of Biomolecule Labeling Services:

  • Efficient biomolecule labeling with excellent control and achievement of labeling, yield, and incorporation ratio

  • Bulk conjugation available
  • Quality documentation (C of A) provided for labeled biomolecule


Labeling of biomolecule reagents includes a number of well-defined steps.

These steps may include:




Antibody buffer exchange to remove interfering materials (if applicable)
Conjugation of biomolecule (optimized by Gyros Protein Technologies)
Post-conjugation purification to remove free label with characterization
Post-conjugation Vialing service (optional step)
Certificate of Analysis



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