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Multivariable Individual Heating Conditions Tested in Parallel Provide Rapid Process Optimization on Prelude X

The application of heat represents a useful tool to optimize the production of challenging synthetic peptides, and a new technology, induction heating, has been introduced on the Prelude X.


Reduced Cycle Times & Solvent Consumption of 65-74ACP on Symphony X

New and optimized methods for rapid peptide synthesis, combined with instruments capable of parallel synthesis enable the production of peptide libraries with high throughput.


Parallel Synthesis and Rapid Heating on the Prelude X

Building upon the strength of the original Prelude platform, the Prelude X adds heating, oscillation shaking, and UV monitoring to deliver uncompromised speed, yield, reagent savings, and flexibility, creating the most complete peptide synthesis solution available.


Comparison of Different Heating Protocols for the Cyclization of Melanotan II on the Prelude X

Heat-assisted synthesis has been shown to reduce the time necessary to produce high-purity linear peptides, and its application to the synthesis of cyclic peptides may provide similar advantages.


High-throughput process optimization and difficult peptide synthesis on the Symphony® X

The Symphony X™ multiple peptide synthesizer offers the most flexibility and independent protocols of any instrument on the market, making it an ideal platform for high-throughput process development.


Rapid synthesis of difficult peptide sequences using parallel heating and UV monitoring on the Prelude® X

Peptides have been recognized as highly selective and generally well tolerated drug candidates, increasing the demand for rapid access to different peptide sequences in order to accelerate the evaluation of potential therapeutics.


Simultaneous optimization of the synthesis of difficult peptides in the Prelude® X automated synthesizer using a novel reagent combination

The coupling reagent COMU has been demonstrated to be highly efficient in the synthesis of a variety of peptides.