About us

Gyros Protein Technologies - Immunoassay Solutions manufactures laboratory instruments, consumables, kits and software to maximize laboratory productivity by miniaturizing and automating immunoassays at nanoliter-scale. Gyrolab instruments transfer and analyze large numbers of samples in parallel using proprietary CD technology that combines an affinity flow-through column format with centrifugal force and capillary action to ensure uniform processing.

Gyrolab Bioaffy® CDs streamline the development of robust nanoliter-scale immunoassays exhibiting broad dynamic ranges and minimal matrix interference. Several Gyrolab Bioaffy CDs are available for the ideal fit for analyte concentration, reagent quality and assay format. Gyrolab Mixing CD 96 powers automated sample pretreatment and is a useful tool for anti-drug antibody and Protein A analysis. The addition of a mixing chamber offers greater flexibility in assay workflows requiring additional incubations for equilibration, acid treatment or enzymatic reactions to occur.

Gyrolab® xPand and Gyrolab xPlore™ use proven technology to automate finely controlled immunoassays, transferring samples and reagents from microplates to identical microfluidic channels. CDs spin at precise speeds and intervals to ensure optimal and parallel reactions. High-sensitivity, laser-induced fluorescence detection yields up to 112 data points per CD, with exceptional reproducibility. With Gyrolab xPand, up to five CDs can be processed in one automated run, while Gyrolab xPlore is the smaller single-CD alternative. Results are obtained within an hour and are automatically evaluated by software designed for 21 CFR part 11 compliance and can easily be exported to an existing LIMS.