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Recorded Webinar from November 18, 2022

Automation of Solid-Phase Aromatic Foldamer Synthesis


The synthesis of long helical oligoamide foldamers composed of more than 20 aromatic monomers of 8-amino-2-quinoline carboxylic acid can now be routinely achieved by using an in lab-developed solid-phase foldamer synthesis (SPFS) methodology that relies on acid chloride activation.

The automation of the SPFS conditions is revolutionizing the production of high molecular weight aromatic oligoamides with very good yield and purity and faster production compared to the manual approach. That constitutes a critical milestone in the field of aromatic foldamer chemistry with many concrete applications such as the modulation of protein-protein interactions in competitive research programs.

Register for this webinar to learn more on aromatic oligoamide foldamer (AOF) chemistry, automated parallel solid-phase foldamer synthesis on the PurePep® Chorus synthesizer — a next-generation, multi-scale peptide synthesis platform — and other applications.


Dr. Céline Douat, PhD, Scientific Co-Worker, Chair of Chemical Biology (Group of Prof. Ivan Huc), Dept. of Pharmacy, University of Munich (LMU) - Germany

Dr Céline Douat

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