Gyros Protein Technologies

White Paper: Microsampling for bioanalysis


A rational approach to generating better immunoassay preclinical and clinical data

The drive to generate preclinical and clinical data from smaller volumes of precious sample has led to considerable developments in microsampling methods. Whether this involves serial sampling from small research animals or taking blood samples from patients the principle is the same — the sample must be well-defined, suitable for the analytical method, and taken in a minimally invasive manner.

In this White Paper we describe the most common methods used for microsampling and their respective advantages and disadvantages, how microsampling is being used in preclinical and clinical studies as well as in diagnostics, how the biopharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities are reaching common ground to make their application widespread, and the demands microsampling places on immunoassays (ligand-binding assay, LBA).

Learn how Gyrolab® immunoassay platform is uniquely well suited for the low sample volume and high matrix tolerance demands of bioanalysis from microsampling-derived analytes.