Gyros Protein Technologies

Recorded Webinar from December 8, 2020

Accelerating workflows for calprotectin and complement (C4d, TCC) biomarker assays with nanoliter-scale, microfluidic immunoassays


Biomarker analysis is an important component of drug development and basic research to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a potential treatment. Automation of biomarker assays that allows reduced sample requirements and reagent consumption as well as optimization of workflows to bring productivity gains is highly desirable.

Automated immunoassays for specific detection of complement analytes C4d and TCC, and calprotectin, an inflammatory bowel disease biomarker, have been developed using Svar Life Science Flexi reagents based on proprietary antibodies and Gyrolab® automated platforms. The automated nanoliter-scale immunoassays enable users to independently set up, customize and optimize high performance nanoliter-scale sandwich immunoassays for determination and detection of complement C4d and TCC, as well as calprotectin in EDTA plasma and/or fecal extracts samples. Data on the assay working ranges, precision, linearity and spike recovery are presented for the three immunoassays.


Ali Qamar
Product Manager
Svar Life Science AB

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