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Streamlined and automated immunoassays adapted for bioprocess workflows accelerate QbD strategy initiatives


Is your analytical productivity aligned with the need for more data?

Bioprocess development has rapidly evolved to incorporate Quality-by-Design (QbD) principles that depend on deep scientific understanding about each process. Scaled down models and high-capacity testing generate large numbers of samples for analysis, increasing the demand for efficient and timely analytical support to monitor quantity and quality in products and processes.

The newly introduced Gyrolab® xPand system automates affinity flow-through immunoassays to enable the rapid generation of highly reproducible results for multiple assays in parallel to support efficient data-driven decision-making. Combined with ready-to-use kits, Gyrolab xPand promises to streamline the implementation of QbD principles in bioprocess development and long-term monitoring.

This webinar presents a case study that demonstrates how specificities of several host cell protein (HCP) assays are evaluated in a single run, the automated analysis of dilution linearity and spike recovery data to qualify assays according to preset acceptance criteria and the analysis of IgG drug titer, HCP and protein A impurities in 38 bioprocess samples from a single run in less than four hours.


Daniel Forsström
Application Scientist
Gyros Protein Technologies

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