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Gyrolab® Bioaffy 4000 CD | extended immunoassay sensitivity

Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000, the newest member of the Gyrolab Bioaffy CD family, offers 2-6 fold extended sensitivity for PK and biomarker analysis compared to Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000.

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Proven Gyrolab Bioaffy CD Design With Extended Sensitivity 

Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD is based on the proven design of Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 CD but uses a deeper volume definition structure to pass 4000 nL of sample (4x more) over the streptavidin bed. Since the basic CD design is unchanged, this enables seamless assay transfer between CD types.

Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD and Immunoassays: A Winning Combination 

Independent evaluation of assay performance using the Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD indicates that the combination of Gyrolab assays and Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD can meet the most challenging sensitivity goals for biopharmaceutical R&D. View our Gyrolab Biomarker Assay Protocols.


Standard curves for a cynomolgus OX40 assay generated with Gyrolab Bioaffy 1000 CD and Gyrolab Bioaffy 4000 CD.

Data courtesy of F-star Therapeutics.

Extended Immunoassay Sensitivity Accelerates Development

Gyrolab Bioaffy CD family now covers an analytical range of over 6 logs. Achieve more in less time in the development of Cell and Gene Therapies and Biotherapeutics.

  • Higher sensitivity with 4000 nL sample volume
  • Proven and robust design – well-established functionality
  • Seamless assay transfer between CDs
  • Analytical range extended down to low- to sub-pg/mL