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Gyrolab® AAVX Titer Kit | miniaturized immunoassay | 10x less sample


Vectors for gene delivery based on the nonpathogenic adenovirus-associated virus (AAV) have become highly valuable in gene therapy. Vector production is an expensive process producing a small volume of highly valuable product, placing analytical methods that require only a small volume of sample at a premium.

Gyrolab® AAVX Titer Kit delivers high quality AAV titer data for AAV serotypes 1–8 and 10 in about 1 hour from sample volumes of less than 10 µL. Gyrolab AAVX Titer Kit is automated based on the highly selective affinity ligands developed with CaptureSelect™ technology from Thermo Fisher Scientific that binds with high affinity and selectivity to native and recombinant AAV particles of most known serotypes.

Gyrolab AAVX Titer Kit

  • Minimize sample dilutions and repeats: 3-log dynamic range
  • Keep up with shortened development time: 4x faster automated assay time, 10x less sample vs ELISA
  • No assay development needed: One kit to measure AAV titer for serotypes AAV 1–8 and AAVrh10 on any Gyrolab system

For Lentiviral vector titer, see Gyrolab p24 Kit 

  • Broad analytical range, 0.2– 1000 ng/mL
  • 96 datapoints in 80 minutes