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Gyrolab® AAV9 Titer Kit | miniaturized immunoassay | 10x less sample

Vectors for gene delivery based on the nonpathogenic adenovirus-associated virus (AAV) have become highly valuable in gene therapy. Vector production is an expensive process producing a small volume of highly valuable product, placing analytical methods that require only a small volume of sample at a premium.

Gyrolab AAV9 Titer Kit

Gyrolab® AAV9 Titer Kit1 delivers high quality AAV titer data for AAV serotype 9  in about 1 hour from sample volumes of less than 10 µL. 

  • Minimize sample dilutions and repeats: Broad analytical range, 0.2– 1000 ng/mL
  • Keep up with shortened development time: 4x faster automated assay time, 10x less sample vs ELISA
  • 96 datapoints in 80 minutes

Quantification of different bioprocess samples using the Gyrolab AAV9 Titer Kit, and comparison between Gyrolab and ELISA. The data was generated by an industry partner.

For determination of AAV serotypes 1–8 and AAVrh10, see Gyrolab AAVX Titer Kit

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1The Gyrolab AAV9 Titer kit contains reagents made with the highly selective AAV9 affinity ligand developed with the Thermo Scientific™ CaptureSelect™ technology by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Thermo Scientific™ CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-AAV9 Conjugate and Thermo Scientific CaptureSelect Alexa Fluor™ 647 Anti-AAV9 Conjugate. Thermo Scientific and CaptureSelect are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and its subsidiaries.