Gyros Protein Technologies

Recorded Webinar from June 9, 2020

Generic PK methods for the quantification of mAbs using Gyrolab® and LC–MS/MS


In this webinar, we will investigate ligand binding assays (LBAs) and LC–MS/MS generic PK methods for the quantification of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in pre-clinical species. We will show a comparison of a generic LBA assay on Gyrolab® and a generic workflow by LC–MS/MS using signature-peptide quantification. We will show you the assay performance for each platform using pembrolizumab as a model drug and also show you the impact of anti-drug antibodies on the different assay platforms. We will conclude with a recommendation for when to choose which platform. 

What will you learn?

  • How generic PK workflows for LBAs on the Gyrolab platform and LC–MS/MS platforms can be used for biotherapeutic quantification 
  • What the impact of anti-drug antibodies is on microfluidic ligand-binding immunoassays and LC–MS/MS PK methods for biotherapeutic quantification 
  • How to choose the best platform (Gyrolab or LC–MS/MS) for different biotherapeutic quantification scenarios 


Johannes Stanta, PhD
Senior Scientific ManagerCovance Laboratories (NJ, USA)

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