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Challenges of developing ADA and concentration (PK or PD) assays for lysosomal transgene enzymes on an automated immunoassay platform


Gene therapy can be used to permanently correct genetic disorders by delivering a functional copy of the gene into the nucleus of affected cells or alternative cells, which then release the functional protein into systemic circulation.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the bioanalytical sector is the lack of a true reference material. As a result, in most assays, an alternative commercially available therapeutic (for example, an enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) product) can be used as a surrogate for the transgene enzyme. This webinar discusses approaches taken in order to monitor the concentration of the expressed transgene product and any associated immunogenicity.

Issa Jyamubandi

Issa Jyamubandi

Principal Scientist, 
Alliance Pharma

Presentation starts at 12:05 if you already are familiar to Gyrolab technology

John Chappell

John Chappell

Director of Scientific Support - EMEA and Asia Pacific, Gyros Protein Technologies

Introduction to Gyrolab

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