Recorded Webinar

Strategies for efficient, high throughput optimization of biopolymers and mimetic compounds

Peptide, peptidomimetic and oligonucleotide therapeutics are increasingly at the forefront of drug development programs for personalized medicine, cancer therapeutics, and genetic diseases among others. This has driven the search for faster and more efficient solid phase synthesis (SPS) protocols, making method development crucial in the discovery process towards scale-up. Automated synthesizers are part of the SPS toolbox that allows simultaneous optimization and high-throughput synthesis via parallel synthesis.


In this webinar, we describe the process development and parallel optimization of SPS of different biologically relevant compounds. Solid-support screening and reagent screening are demonstrated using automated peptide synthesis as part of the optimization process for peptide nucleic acids (PNA), peptoids, and cyclic peptides. For example, parallel synthesis condition scanning for the synthesis of SK-8mer PNA analog, H-Lys-AGTGGATC-Lys-NH2, led to an increase of 27% crude purity resulting in high purity product (73% crude pure) for biological analysis. Coupling reagents, resins and reaction time combinations for increased crude purity results will be discussed for biopolymers and mimetic compounds.


James Cain, Global Product Manager, Gyros Protein Technologies

Cyf Ramos-Colón, Senior Scientist, Peptide Applications, Gyros Protein Technologies


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