Gyrolab® CHO-HCP E3G Kit

Product number: P0020605/P0020605B

Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit incorporates the broadly reactive third generation antibody included in the industry standard CHO HCP ELISA (F550) from Cygnus Technologies. Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit offers a broad dynamic range of ~3 ng/mL – 8000 ng/mL and together with Gyrolab system delivers 96 data points in 75 minutes, or up to 960 data points in one day.

Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit enables CHO HCP analysis comparable to ELISA with all the benefits that automated Gyrolab systems represent. This capability will increase productivity by enabling analysis of more samples in less time without the manual operations that are associated with traditional ELISA.

Important note – two versions of Kit!

P0020605B contains the new resupply antibody present in CHO HCP ELISA (F550-1) announced by Cygnus Technologies in October 2019. This kit also includes pre-diluted and ready-to-use standards. Standard for spiking experiments can be purchased separately.

P0020605 contains the original antibody reagents included in CHO HCP ELISA (F550). Standard is supplied as stock solution.

Results generated with Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit P0020605

Results generated with Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit P0020605 and Cygnus CHO HCP ELISA F550.

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Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit

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Gyrolab CHO-HCP E3G Kit