"We recommend Gyrolab as our platform of choice for PK assays"



Envigo-logo.pngEnvigo initially brought Gyrolab technology onboard to ensure they would be competitive and could give adequate support to their sponsors. The company has since pushed the use of Gyrolab system, concentrating on training of personnel and also recommending the platform to sponsors. The system is used mainly for pharmacokinetics (PK) and biomarker assays, with plans to use its low sample volume requirements to support future work with microsampling.



Debbie McManus, Senior Technical Specialist at Envigo, gave one example of how Gyrolab technology is helping them to meet their goals. A sponsor needed to boost the sensitivity of a PK assay to 5–10 ng/mL, starting with an ELISA that had insufficient sensitivity and problems with matrix and hook effects. Transferring to the MSD platform did not solve these problems, but moving to the Gyrolab system resulted in a fit-for-purpose assay that met all the sponsor’s needs.


Envigo is experiencing an incredible increase in requests to measure target and toxicology biomarkers. This means getting more data from limited sample volumes, making Gyrolab systems even more attractive. This development also means that they would like to see large assay panels for the platform, comparable to those offered by other platform suppliers. They have tested GyroMark GLP-1 and Insulin assays from MilliporeSigma and could consider future collaboration with them to develop custom biomarker assay panels.


Debbie and her colleagues have also developed a novel use of Gyrolab system – determining the efficacy of a peptide-based vaccine in mice by detecting the anti-peptide antibodies in mouse sera. Gyrolab xP workstation was their platform of choice because it could handle the low sample volume, and consumed minimal amounts of the precious peptide that the team used as capture reagent in the assay. The system also enabled rapid assay development and validation, together with high throughput.


Envigo is committed to building up experience with the Gyrolab system. Gyros Protein Technologies has always been very responsive with support. Gyros Protein Technologies is so quick to offer help, giving us valuable suggestions to solve problems, and coming in to help with training”. This attitude matches the ethos of Envigo – working closely with sponsors to secure the potential of their research and products.


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